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The circadian rhythm runs on a 24-hour cycle and has an impact on our sleep, metabolism, mental and general health. Our body is connected to and responds to the environment around us. 

As the sun moves across the sky, bringing light and then disappearing to allow dark, our body recognises these changes and responds. Allowing nature to be our guide once again, we can learn to live optimally by syncing to this natural rhythm. 


The Horary or Zang Fu (Yin Yang organs) clock is an ancient part of Chinese medicine and philosophy. In this theory, Ying/Nutritive Qi follows a continuous two-hour cycle through the 12 primary channels each day, moving Qi, Blood and Fluids through the body as well as energising each organ system. 


This A3 poster is designed to help you connect to your circadian rhythm, enabling you to choose activities and actions that support each organ system, encouraging good health.


For every 10 posters printed a tree is planted.

Inner Sun - Circadian Rhythm Chart - A3

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