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Fascia is the fibrous connective tissue that structurally holds us together. Connecting everything from cell to organ, muscle, tendon & bone, this incredible tissue & body system deserves some loving. Working with the fascial trains/sinew channels we can reduce tightness, tension & pain in the body.


I'm excited to bring together some wonderful and relaxing movement practices to help you release tension in your fascial network.

Fascia Flossing was coined by long-term dancer and movement enthusiast Bonnie Crotzer, this series of gentle movements uses elongation and contraction of large muscle groups simultaneously to release tension/fascia and get the lymphatic fluid moving.Massage Ball Releasing/Myofascial Release is something I ask almost all of my patients to do at home when they come to me for help with pain conditions. Using a hard ball (I like cork because it is natural, firm and lightweight - ideal for travel or camping/hiking) in various muscle groups/trigger points accompanied with deep breathing effectively loosens up holding patterns in the body.


Yin Yoga is a slow-moving form of yoga where asanas (poses) are held anywhere from 90 seconds to 5 minutes. These extended holds allow the fascia/muscle and sinew channels to release, allowing more length and flexibility into the body. Fasical trains run in very similar/sometimes identical pathways to the sinew channels in Chinese medicine. Both fascia flossing and Yin yoga utilise theory from Chinese and Daoist medicine and this I will weave throughout the session.

Bolsters and balls will be provided - all you need to bring is:

- yourself in comfy warm clothes including socks & extra layers

- a yoga mat

- a blanket if you want extra comfort

- a scarf or eye mask to help you drop deeply into your internal world

- a bottle of water


OPTIONAL: If you would like to take your cork ball home with you they are $8 and can be purchased online (return to the shop and select BALL + workshop) or at the event.

For the Love of Fascia Workshop

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